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Nicole, Linda, and Simone are joined by Andy Roberston, the dad of Ollie, Tom, and Ellen. Andy heads up the fabulous YouTube channel Family Gamer TV. This week he calls in from England to share his encyclopedic knowledge of toys-to-life games like Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and LEGO Dimensions. Listen up!

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Bioshock collection may be coming out this fall!

There’s a Climate Game Jam coming up from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Taco Bell is giving away PlayStation 4s!

Black Ops themed PlayStation 4 is coming out.

Chariot’s new DLC, the Royal Gadget Pack is on its way.

Toys To Life

We talk about all the big toys-to-life games like SkylandersLEGO DimensionsNintendo amiibo, and much, much more.

What We Played

Listen to find out all the many games we played this week!


This podcast was recorded in the studios of the Jack Straw Cultural Center in Seattle. The music is by Pat Goodwin at Novelty Shop CreativeNicole Tanner, Linda Breneman, Simone de Rochefort and Andy Robertson participated in this podcast. Thanks for listening and if you liked this episode, please rate us on iTunes and find us on BlogTalkRadio!


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