The first 1-terabyte PlayStation 4 released in North America will be the special Call of Duty: Black Ops III bundle. The 1TB PlayStation will ship on November 6, with the release of Black Ops 3 and the PlayStation-exclusive DLC. And hold onto your pants, it looks awesome. The console is black with orange highlights, and the Dualshock 4 is black and grey, with orange joysticks and D-pad. The controller will also be retailed separately. The entire bundle costs $449.99. You can actually pre-order it starting today.

This comes after Black Ops 3 reportedly had the large PlayStation beta ever, with millions of players. That ran last month. It was followed by a beta for Windows and Xbox One. Developer Treyarch has partnered with Sony to bring Black Ops 3 content to the PlayStation 4 before other systems; this includes the first DLC for the game, as well as future map packs.

This announcement comes after Gamestop began selling refurbished PlayStation 4s with 2TB hard drives, which only cost $479.99. Of course, they sold without the sick color scheme or the inclusion of a blockbuster Call of Duty game. As many have pointed out, the hard drive of the PlayStation 4 is replaceable and can be easily upgraded by the consumer.

One of the driving factors behind the bigger-storage release seems to be video. With their new update, Sony says that videos can be shared directly to Twitter from the console. More storage space means more videos can be taken—if you’ve tried to capture lots of game footage on your own PlayStation 4, you know that they take up a huge amount of space.

Black Ops 3 continues the Call of Duty series’ theme of futuristic warfare and militarized dystopia. This game will specifically tackle issues of enhancing humans with robotics to give them superhuman capabilities. It will be the twelfth Call of Duty game and the fourth that follows the Black Ops storyline.

Ugh, you guys. I’m not a huge Call of Duty fan, but this PlayStation looks awesome. Will you spring for the custom PS4, or maybe just the controller? Confess in the comments.

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