Today Warner Bros. released a video showcasing all the vocal talent behind the upcoming LEGO Dimensions.

If you’ve been following my LEGO Dimensions coverage, you know that I’ve been pretty lukewarm on the game so far. But this video changes everything.

Okay, not quite everything, but I definitely felt a tingle run up my spine when I saw Gary Oldman, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Troy Baker starring in the same game. I’m only human after all.

It’s seriously impressive how Warner Bros. has managed to bring back so many of the original voices for the game’s characters.

LEGO Dimensions will see Michael J. Fox reprising the role of Marty McFly from “Back to the Future,” with Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown. The original cast of “The LEGO Movie” returns, with Chris Pratt pulling double duty as Emmet and as Owen Grady from “Jurassic World.” Elizabeth Banks and Allison Brie also reprise their roles as Wyldstyle and Unikitty.

LEGO Dimensions Jurassic World Chris Pratt

The game’s original characters are just as star-studded as the others. Gary freaking Oldman will voice the game’s villain, Lord Vortech, while Joel McHale voices robo-guide X-PO.

Warner Bros. has also managed to corral a huge number of “Doctor Who” actors into their roles, including current Doctor Peter Capaldi and companion Jenna Coleman.

Most exciting for video game fans? Ellen McClain, the voice of GLaDOS in Portal and Portal 2, will of course be resuming the role. Stephen Merchant also returns as Wheatley.

LEGO Dimensions is the upcoming toys-to-life game based on every single LEGO-licensed franchise ever. Out of the box it will feature 14 worlds and a ton of characters mashed together in cross-dimensional fun.

We got a chance to play the Portal level of LEGO Dimensions at PAX Prime, and it was really a lot of fun. Some of the puzzles were a little obtuse, but the humor was on point and the interactions with the Game Pad were fun.

LEGO Dimensions comes out on September 29.

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