Chariot, a darkly comedic, family-friendly co-op game from Frima Studios, is getting its first-ever DLC! Titled The Royal Gadget Pack, this bonus downloadable content will allow you to play as the Shopkeeper, plus it will introduce five new gadgets and 10 new achievements.

Chariot launched almost a year ago. It tells the story of a prince and princess who are attempting to find the perfect resting place for their kingly father’s coffin. The ghost of the king makes frequent appearances, criticizing their choices and generally making the game’s bizarre and dark premise into a silly romp through the woods. Chariot is a 2D puzzle platformer that can be played single-player or with a friend.

chariot lava

The new Omni Boots allow you to walk through lava.

The Royal Gadget Pack allows you to play as a character other than the prince and princess for the first time. It also introduces Shield Bubbles, Omni Boots (which allow you to walk on ice and lava), Stasis Fields (which freeze time), Warp Beacons (which allow for easier travel), and Royal Arms (which give characters custom special attacks).

In a statement, Executive Producer Martin Brouard said, “Some of these gadgets will delight the speedrunning community, while others will make some of the harder levels somewhat easier for less-experienced players.”

The Royal Gadget Pack is currently only available on Xbox One, and costs $2.49. If you haven’t purchased Chariot yet, you can also purchase the Chariot and Royal Gadget Pack DLC bundle for $15.99. Or, buy just the original game for $14.99 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, or Wii U.

Chariot is one of our favorite co-op games over at Pixelkin, so we’re super excited to see what The Royal Gadget Pack brings to the table. You can read our full review of Chariot right here.

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