Skylanders SuperChargers is coming out on September 20, and if you’ve been following our coverage of it you know that the Standard Edition Starter Pack is $74.99.

“Wow,” you’re saying. “As a person who already owns a Skylanders game, which I am in this scenario, I’m not sure I want to invest that much in another one.”

Rest assured, you. The Skylanders SuperChargers Portal Owner’s Pack is the cheaper way to get this new game. This pack costs $49.99, and it allows you to use the Skylanders Portal of Power that you already own to play Skylanders SuperChargers. It’s a digital download and will include the digital character Instant Spitfire and the vehicle Instant Hot Streak. These are the only characters you should need to complete the storyline of the game.

The Portal Owner’s Pack comes out on September 21. If you’re willing to go without the new toys, this sounds like a pretty good deal. Of course, you can purchase toys and use them with your old Portal of Power.

A resource website for Skylanders fans calculates that with all the characters and vehicles that we know about so far, owning the entirety of Skylanders SuperChargers would cost $593.62. This isn’t taking into account the Racing Action Packs, which will offer new racetracks for each of the terrains.

A note on the upcoming iOS version of Skylanders SuperChargers: it doesn’t seem like the Digital Portal Owner’s Pack will pertain to iOS. The iOS version of the game will be released on October 25, and later on the new Apple TV.

Skylanders SuperChargers will be compatible with the more than 300 Skylanders figures from previous games. The previous game in the series, Skylanders: Trap Team, surprised us with its fun gameplay and beautiful level design. When we played Skylanders SuperChargers Racing on the Nintendo 3DS, we weren’t as impressed. However, the full console version of the game comes out we’ll see what Skylanders SuperChargers really has in store for us.

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