Destiny’s The Taken King expansion is out in the wild, and Bungie has announced an exclusive quest, called The Red Bull Quest. Codes to redeem this quest in the game can be found on limited edition Destiny cans of Red Bull.

Players get the quest in the Tower from Amanda Holiday, and it will take them through a series of missions—part of the mission requires you to enter the Crucible, the designated player-versus-player arena, to play in Rift mode.

Rift is a new addition that comes with The Taken King. In Rift, two teams spawn on opposite sides of an arena. They have to reach the center where a fancy little object called a “spark” is waiting. After charging the spark, they have to take it to the opposing team’s side and blast the rift into smithereens. So it’s sort of like soccer meets capture the flag, in space.

Other parts of the the Red Bull Quest also requires players to complete cooperative strikes with other players. Two of those have to be completed in 18 minutes or less. After all, Red Bull gives you wings.

There are several tiers of in-game loot that you can win by completing parts of the Red Bull Quest.

Completing a series of Energy Strike Patrols and having an Overcharge of three or more on one of the patrols, followed by completing the 18-minute S.A.B.E.R. Strike, will win you the SR0 Swifter Trick Sparrow, a vehicle in the game.

If you step it up and complete the Rift segment of the quest (and score a goal!), plus enter the Crucible with a fireteam and win three matches, you’ll get the Joyride shell for your Ghost.

Finally, if you’re feeling really competitive, you can complete the Sunless Cell Strike as a level 40 character, as well as complete the Shield Brothers Strike in 18 minutes. That will get you the SR1 Swifter Sparrow vehicle.

All of the details about the Red Bull Quest can be found on Red Bull’s website.

That code can be found on Destiny Red Bull cans now, and it will be released to general players on January 1, 2016. You can also get it in Red Bull Destiny four-packs at Wal-Mart.

The Taken King expansion has been getting good reviews so far, and we’ll have our own take on it up soon. The previous expansion was called House of Wolves, and it came out last spring. You can find our review of Destiny here.

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