Destiny’s next big expansion, The Taken King, is slated for a September 15 launch. But according to a post by Bungie, on their news blog, Bungie Weekly Update, players will be able to dabble in some of the new DLC’s content in the week leading up to launch during The Crucible event, taking place from September 8–14. The Crucible will give Destiny users a chance to play new modes of battle on all of the new maps coming in the expansion. And while all Destiny players can try out the new content, once September 15 rolls around, all of the new features will only be available to those who purchase The Taken King.  The preview doesn’t allow players to make use of their Super Abilities until the expansion launches.

Bungie also said that a massive update, referred to as “Year Two,” will be rolled out on September 8 that makes some big changes to the game and there’s no going back. Some features will simply be gone after September 8. Bungie’s news post makes suggestions for what players might want to do before the update makes massive changes on September 8. Besides the new content, The Taken King will purportedly fix a lot of issues fans have had with the gameplay. A cosmetic update will include the replacement of Peter Dinklage as the voice for Ghost.

The Taken King is the third DLC pack for Destiny, which was released on September 9, 2014. The game earned a slightly mixed reaction from the gaming community, citing the lack of a good plot and repetitive gameplay. The game is made by Bungie, who is the original developer of the Halo franchise. The Halo franchise is owned by Microsoft, so when Bungie left Microsoft in 2007 they had to abandon that property. The Halo games are now made by 343 Industries, which is a division of Microsoft.

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