A weird bug is afflicting Metal Gear Solid V, warns Konami. The bug affects the game’s save files, corrupting them and making them unplayable.

Fortunately, it seems pretty easy to avoid. Players can prevent file corruption by not bringing the character Quiet on Mission 29 and Mission 42. The bug affects all platforms the game is on (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Steam).

Konami is currently working to patch the bug, so hopefully players won’t have to wait long. In terms of drama surrounding Metal Gear Solid V, this is probably the least sensational.

The game was released on September 1 after a troubled year for publisher Konami, which saw a split with the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima. Kojima Productions was behind the development of Metal Gear Solid V, but their logo was taken off the box after the dissolution of the company. It seems that MGSV will be the last Metal Gear game we see from Kojima, and its release has been a bittersweet celebration of the long-lasting series.

The game itself hasn’t been free of controversy either. It’s received solid ratings, but the character of Quiet was a concern for fans long before the bug came to light, namely because of the contrived reasons the game gives for her lack of clothing. “Once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds,” Kojima famously said when the character’s design was first revealed. Well, not quite.

Metal Gear Solid has been a pioneer in the stealth genre, laying groundwork for modern stealth games since its initial release in 1987. You can read more about the series in our game database. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is essentially a sequel to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which is considered a prologue to the story found in Phantom Pain.

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