The fifth annual European Women in Games Conference will be happening on September 2 at the University of Westminster.

Jenny Richards-Stewart, the CEO of the conference, has said that, “This year’s conference programme is shaping up to be our best yet, in terms of content which will help delegates’ fast track their careers in the games industry.”

Panels at the conference cover everything from improving one’s CV to fighting for equal opportunity employment policies to virtual reality and game design. The last panel of the day is about promoting one’s company and oneself; a layered challenge when it comes to being a woman professional.

“We wanted to focus on practical subjects and have also introduced workshops covering the main disciplines of games development,” said Richards-Stewart. “As always we have tried to keep the ticket prices as low as possible so that it is within the reach of students, entry level delegates and those working for small start-ups and Indies.”

Early-bird tickets will be available until August 19 and cost £50 per person. Regular ticket prices will be £95. However, if you go as a volunteer, the conference is free!

European Women in Games is a non-profit, formerly known as European Women in Games Jobs. It focuses on helping women find ways into the industry and providing resources to women already working in games. They organize meet-ups year-round, not just for women making games, but women working in all kinds of roles in the games industry.

This May they announced a target goal of doubling the number of women in the United Kingdom and European game industries by the year 2025. In announcing this, Richards-Stewart pointed out that “more girls and women playing games mean more women are interested in working in the games industry but we should not assume that this will solve the current gender imbalance without the industry doing more to welcome a more diverse workforce.”

Learn more about the conference on their website.

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