7 Best Tweets of GDC

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The 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC) ended recently, and boy do we wish we could have been there. Thousands of the leading thinkers in game design came together in San Francisco, California to discuss everything from the latest tech to best practices in storytelling. The conference is almost 30 years old now, and for the last few years it’s had something it certainly didn’t have in the 80’s: Twitter! Now everyone can enjoy the great conversations of GDC without needing a ticket and a hotel room. The downside: reading all these tweets makes us even sadder we couldn’t go ourselves.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from GDC. Read More

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Letting Girls Lead the Way in Game Design

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Earlier this week Taylor Soper posted a story in GeekWire about a massively cool program to encourage middle-school girls to pursue STEM careers—careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. The program, called GAMES Initiative, is a partnership between several organizations to design and build three new, free games. The game designers will ask middle-school girls to help in the design process. Read More