With the runaway success of Hearthstone, lots of companies are jumping on the bandwagon of the free-to-play card games on mobile devices. The latest of these is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. The game was announced during Electronic Arts‘ press conference at E3. Exact details of the game haven’t been announced, so it’s unclear if we’ll see iconic Star Wars main characters like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker make an appearance. If Star Wars leaves out the main characters of the franchise, they face possibly upsetting some players. It will be interesting to see how Galaxy uses the Star Wars universe in a way that feels vast enough.

Electronic Arts isn’t the only company dipping their toes into mobile collectible card games. Bethesda announced their own take on the genre with Elder Scrolls Legends. The Elder Scrolls universe (much like the World of Warcraft universe used in Hearthstone) matches up well with this type of game. There are lots of different types of characters to choose from, giving the app more flexibility in terms of cards.

It’s nice to see some other big name franchises take the plunge and give Hearthstone a little competition.

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