Ubisoft has revealed two big features for its upcoming game Just Dance 2016: a streaming service and new smartphone integration.

Have you ever gotten bored of the music selection in your dancing game? Bore no more! At Ubisoft’s E3 press conference today, we learned that Just Dance 2016 will bring with it a new dance streaming service called Just Dance Unlimited.

With this streaming service, players will be able to play new dance routines all year. This service is only available for players who have a PlayStation 4, a Wii U, or an Xbox One. The game is still playable, however, on Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

The second new feature announced for Just Dance 2016 is the ability to use your smartphone as a motion-capture camera. If you don’t own a Kinect or a PlayStation Camera, all you’ll need to do is download a special app and set your smartphone up in front of your television. This service, too, will only be available to the latest-generation consoles.

The sad part about this second announcement is that it shows how fewer and fewer games are using console cameras. Many of Pixelkin’s favorite Xbox games require use of the Kinect, but now that Microsoft is allowing smartphones to serve the same essential functions, it is making us wonder if future consoles will include a camera at all. For the record, we still think they are worth the purchase.

Just Dance 2016 is likely to be pretty similar to its predecessors. Check out our review of Just Dance 2015 right here.

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