World of Warcraft Loses More Subscribers

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Activision Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft’s subscribers have fallen to 5.5. million, down 100,000 since about three months ago. This will also be the last time Blizzard reports subscriber numbers, instead opting to focus on other metrics; we don’t yet know what those metrics might be, though. Read More

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World of Warcraft Loses Over a Million Subscribers

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In a press release from Activision, Blizzard revealed that World of Warcraft is down 1.5 million subscriptions since last quarter, with only 5.6 million now—a low the MMO hasn’t seen since 2005, just one year after its debut. It’s still a pretty substantial number, of course, but it’s likely that Blizzard is hoping WoW’s new expansion will help inflate the subscriptions a bit.
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How To Be a Gaming Coach

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I heard a mom say, “There’s nothing better than your kid telling his friends that his mom is a Pokémon master.” It’s pretty common for kids to be proud if their parents are good at gaming. And when I encounter gaming parents online, at a convention, or just out and about, they are usually excited to share what games they’ve been able to teach their kids. Sometimes these are game series that parents have grown up with themselves. Sometimes parents are learning the game along with their kids. Read More