Selfie culture might seem obnoxious to some of us, but it’s actually a great way to have fun and share a glimpse of your life (or face) you feel good about. In keeping with the trend, World of Warcraft is now offering a special quest that will allow characters to take their own selfies, complete with duck lips.

If  you weren't sure what duck lips look like, now you know.

If you weren’t sure what duck lips look like, now you know.

Some excellent World of Warcraft-style duck lips.

Some excellent World of Warcraft-style duck lips.

And hey, why not? A lot of players are proud of their characters, and some even identify with them (particularly in a roleplaying game like World of Warcraft). With the game’s new and improved character models, taking selfies will be even more exciting. Players can even put Instagram-like filters on their images if they complete a special follow-up quest and earn the privilege.

World of Warcraft has always been a little fun and silly, and selfies seem to fit right in with the atmosphere. We’ll have to wait and see if players sharing hundreds of WoW selfies on Twitter starts getting annoying, though.

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