Hi there Pixelkiners! Simone de Rochefort here with your family gaming updates. We went to GeekGirlCon last weekend and it was a blast. It’s definitely one of the most relaxing, family-friendly conventions that we’ve been to—and it has great activities too. All the kids I talked to loved the DIY Science Zone where they did experiments like making their own silly putty. The freeplay consoles were also really popular—as was the Wii U at our booth. Check out our Storify for more on GeekGirlCon, and follow our Twitter to stay updated on this weekend’s Portland Retro Gaming Expo.

For teenagers, identity is something complex and always changing. Trying to figure out who you are is sometimes safer in an online world, than it is in our high schools. Online roleplaying games can be a great opportunity for teens to leave behind the labels they’ve been given in their real lives and start fresh. Pixelkin’s Keezy Young writes about a teenager who didn’t realize that he had leadership skills until he put them to good use in his World of Warcraft guild. Read the article for more.

Speaking of changing identities, Costume Quest 2 is out! This E10+-rated game is about a brother-sister duo trying to save Halloween from an evil dentist who outlaws both candy and costumes. The kids have to trick-or-treat and fight monsters, and in classic Halloween fantasy fashion, their costumes actually have magical powers. In a battle, the kids will turn into whatever costume they’re wearing–from wizards, to giant clowns, to… Thomas Jefferson. It’s a really funny, quirky game that treats kids with respect and champions teamwork and creativity. For those reasons alone, we really liked it. Read our review for more.

Another new release your kids might be asking for is Alien Isolation. This M-rated game is filled with blood and gore, but it’s also a great representation of the seminal film franchise in game form. The sense of anxiety and unease is very real while playing the game, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Be sure to read our review for all the details before buying for your kids.

Have a great weekend!

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