We love the idea of families bonding through games—but what about when two families literally come together?

When geeks marry geeks, uniting families in geeky wedding fun can be a great idea. Let’s take a look at some of the most creative video game weddings out there.

The Ring

The most eternal of wedding accessories, and one of the most expensive. It’s surprising how creative people can get with their rings.

Some video games lend themselves to ring-design more than others. If you’re a Legend of Zelda fan, rest assured that you’re in good company when it comes to wedding and engagement rings.

If you’re on the market for custom rings, VaLa Jewelry and Takayas are well-known for video game creations, and Custom Made has a whole section on geeky rings—for weddings or just for fun. Check out this gorgeous and subtle engagement and wedding ring set that Takayas produced. Even a non-Zelda fan can appreciate that.

Zelda fans aren’t the only ones getting funky with their ring design, though.

If you’re not down for dropping hundreds to thousands of dollars on a geeky wedding ring but still want to make it special, there are solutions out there. Tumblr user salainen made her own Mario Prize Block to propose to her boyfriend.

Player 2 box

It’s a cute idea that adds a crafty personal touch to a proposal.

The Cake

If you don’t want to go all out for a nerdy wedding but still want to express yourself, the cake is the thing to do it. The ring is forever. The ceremony—well, your family might not be into it. But the cake? It’s getting devoured, and everyone is going to enjoy it no matter what they feel about video games.

These cakes take iconic video game imagery and turn it into delicious edible art.

The Ceremony

All right, but say you’re committed. Really committed. And you and your spouse-to-be want to go all out with a video game wedding.

Well, you’re in good company. There have been some awesome (and freakin’ adorable) weddings that really go all out with the theme.

Aidra and Ernest’s Katamari Damacy Wedding

That's just how they roll. (Photo by Kirsten Shultz)

That’s just how they roll. (Photo by Kirsten Shultz)

Not only did the couple dress up, their entire wedding party did as well. Check out the official photographer’s gallery for more, including their Katamari cake and more shots of what is surely the most fantastic wedding headgear to exist.

Susie and Mikey’s Legend of Zelda Wedding

(Photo by JL Photografia)

(Photo by JL Photografia)

It’s a little more subtle, but this couple made great use of Zelda imagery in their wedding, and even devoted a website to it. They created Zelda props for table decorations and even had fairy flower girls. Check out their Picasa gallery for more photos.

Asia and Matt’s Minecraft Wedding

Barnyard animals have never been more photogenic. (Photo by The Goodness)

Barnyard animals have never been more photogenic. (Photo by The Goodness)

This couple really went all out, and somehow their classy clothes and the blocky Minecraft cutouts fit together perfectly. Their swanky brick venue was all decked out in Minecraft creatures, and they incorporated Minecraft into their outfits as well—the bride wore a “diamond” necklace, and the groom has an 8-bit tie. They even had torches and Minecraft landscapes on the walls. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of their photos.

Super Mario Brothers Wedding by Primary Petals

(Photo by Lehua Noelle)

(Photo by Lehua Noelle)

This inspirational photoshoot by Primary Petals is the perfect example getting creative with video game inspiration. The spiky flowers don’t immediately scream “Mario!” but it all comes together with an aesthetic that echoes the colorful quirky Nintendo world. Also the bride’s Peach-inspired flower crown is adorable. This one is a winner.

Want more nerdy weddings? Check out When Geeks Wed or Offbeat Bride for loads more photos and wedding inspiration.

Did you have a video game wedding? Send us your photos! We’d love to see them.

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