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Playing With Mom Inspired My Love of Games

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Final Fantasy VII is not a game I believe a 6-year-old should be playing. It has a lot of vulgarity, a very complicated story, and adult themes that would go right over a kid’s head. Despite this, it’s a fantastic game with some deep and satisfying combat and amazing bosses. When trying to make the game palatable for a 6-year-old kid, you have to insert a buffer. My mom was that buffer for me. Read More

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Here Are the New World Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists

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The World Video Game Hall of Fame is a new effort by the Strong National Museum of Play to highlight games that have inspired and influenced the medium throughout the history of gaming. These games were chosen from among thousands of public nominations. They had to meet four criteria. The first was icon-status, or widespread recognition. The second was longevity. The third was geographic reach. And the final criterion was overall influence in the field of games, but also other media (and pop culture in general as well).

So who made the cut? There are lots of favorites in the list. Read More