Halloween is right around the corner, and everybody’s number one question is “what’s your costume?” Some kids know immediately what to say, whether it’s a witch, a fairy princess, or a zombie bird of paradise with dragon wings and vampire fangs. But others have more trouble—I mean really, Halloween only comes once a year! It’s a big decision. And what if you, the parents, want to get involved too?

We’ve written before about how to go about making costumes for your family (or helping older kids who might want to tackle the project themselves). (For an idea about Halloween photos, see this article.)

Whether you’re looking for resources, tips, or advice on costuming, look no further! If you think you’ve already got a handle on the making and just need some ideas, we have some excellent video game costumes for families right here.

Source: TV Tokyo

Pokemon and Trainers

There are tons of human trainers for your kids to choose from, and parents can make some pretty cute Pokemon. Major benefit: you basically get to walk around in footie pajamas, and kids can put trainer costumes together after a couple of trips to the thrift store.

Journey thumbnail


The robed characters from Journey make a perfect (and warm!) Halloween costume for any age of trick-or-treater. Parents might want to choose the mystical White Cloaks while kids can be the smaller-statured Red Cloaks.

Source: Angel123

Chell, Atlas, and P-Body

Kid as Chell, Mom and Dad as Atlas and P-Body, the robots. This cosplay would be a little more work, but we think it’d be pretty cute.

Source: Official Zelda

Princess Zelda, Link, and Navi

Princess Zelda, Link, and the fairy Navi would make a fantastic cosplay set for parents with a baby or toddler.


Pacman Ghosts

Looking for something easy to throw together last minute? Have too many kids to know what to do with? Pacman ghosts are a retro favorite, and adults can be Pacman and/or Ms. Pacman.

Source: New Launches

Angry Birds

There are a bunch of birds to choose from in the Angry Birds canon—beware of forcing the pink one on your daughters, though. Especially if you have more than one daughter. It could get ugly.

Planet Minecraft


Minecraft cosplay is easy to make because all you need is some cardboard and poster paint to build all those pixels—and there are lots of characters to choose from!


Plants or Zombies?

Plants Vs. Zombies? Oh yes. We recommend that very young kids become zombies—toothless, bald, big-eyed—I mean come on, you can’t pass that up. Older family members can choose between plants and zombies, and either way, everybody gets to be silly.


 Sack People

LittleBigPlanet is a great cosplay for any size or shape of family, since the characters—Sack People—are fully customizable. You can all create individual Sack People in the game and then dress up as your unique avatar!

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