VTech Smart Toy Hack

VTech Is Buying LeapFrog

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If you had a kid in the last 10 or so years, you’re probably familiar with both VTech and LeapFrog. Both of the companies make a variety of educational toys, most of which are electronic in some way. They seemed to be the two major players in that space and in direct competition with each other. No more. VTech is purchasing LeapFrog for about $72 million. Read More

Obama Announces ‘Computer Science for All’

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On January 30, during his weekly address, President Obama announced a new initiative to help teach kids computer science. Called “Computer Science for All” the initiative would make it possible for all kids across the country to learn computer science as part of their regular curriculum in school.

Obama described the initiative as “giving every student in America the skills they need in the new economy.” He also described a few examples of how technology is used and how it’s programmed.

He went on to say that he has asked Congress for funding, is pulling resources from the National Science Foundation, and getting the private sector involved. He mentioned companies like Google and Salesforce who are ready to support the initiative.

Since this is just the announcement of the initiative, it’s unclear how long this will take to become a reality and even if Congress will authorize the funding for it.