The Kickstarter campaign for indie title Sundered has recently closed with an impressive $202, 102 CAD raised. With the initial goal of only $25,000 CAD, that’s a total of 808% over asking price. That’s twice as many backers and three times the funding as Thunder Lotus Games’ 2014 Kickstarter campaign for their first release, Jotun.

“I’m truly thrilled and humbled by the success of Sundered’s Kickstarter campaign,” said Will Dubé, President of Thunder Lotus Games. “I wouldn’t have dreamed that our fans would respond so strongly to a campaign focused on polish and feedback, but this overwhelming support will truly allow us to make our game the best it can be.”

In the campaign details Thunder Lotus Games explained that the revenue raised through Kickstarter would only be a small fraction of the game’s total budget. Revenue from their previous game, Jotun as well as a loan from the Canadian Media Fund will help make up the total $700,000 CAD budget.

When most Kickstarter campaigns begin going over budget, the developers begin crafting stretch goals and new content. Thunder Lotus Games opted instead to “focus on polish and improvements to the core game.” As a reward to Kickstarter backers they will receive all future Sundered DLC for free.

Sundered is developed as a hand-drawn Metroidvania with a mix of crafted and procedural levels in a hellish world with multiple endings and massive boss fights. I didn’t get a chance to play it at PAX South 2017 but what I saw I really liked.

Sundered has already been in development for a year. The game is currently scheduled for launch in July on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) and PlayStation 4.

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