League of Legends is getting a new hero–Jhin, the Virtuoso. Jhin is a marksman whose passive ability (called Whisper) allows every fourth shot out of his gun to land a critical hit. The downside is that it takes him a moment to reload.

You can watch Jhin’s trailer below:

Jhin’s other abilities include Dancing Grenade, Deadly Flourish, Captive Audience, and Curtain Call. Dancing Grenade gives Jhin the ability to throw an explosive at his enemies. This neat little canister will bounce up to four times. If you can kill an enemy on the first bounce, subsequent bounces will do more damage. Deadly Flourish has both passive and active attributes. The passive ability marks any enemy champion who has been hit by one of Jhin’s other attacks or any allied attacks. The active part of Deadly Flourish involves Jhin firing a big long shot that strings together minions and enemy champions into a line. If the champion has already been hit, they will be briefly rooted while Jhin picks up speed.

Captive Audience lets Jhin set invisible traps. Any champion who walks on a trap is immediately marked for Deadly Flourish, and the trap explodes after a few seconds, damaging anybody in the area. Finally, Curtain Call sees Jhin putting together a big gun that allows him to shoot all marked targets in an area. Once an enemy champion is struck, Jhin can shoot a few more times dealing massive damage and slowing down that enemy.

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