Just Dance Disney Party 2

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 Track List, Release Date Announced

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Just Dance: Disney Party 2 will come out on October 20, 2015 in the U.S. Ubisoft announced the news in a press release today, along with the complete track list for the game.

If you’re more a fan of the Disney classics like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, or Mulan, this game is not really meant for you. The songs featured in Just Dance Disney Party 2 are pulled from The Disney Channel’s TV shows and movies. Read More

Xbox one Kinect learning

Hey, Xbox One Kinect Devs! Wake Up!

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I’ve been waiting a long time for virtual reality. I mean real virtual reality. The kind you get on a Star Trek Holodeck. This is the kind of virtual reality that almost puts you in another time and place. It lets you see your hands and feet and use your body so you can run around and get in sword fights and stuff. Or you can wear blue skin and feathers and fly. Or you can practice your snowboarding in a simulation of the French Alps. Read More