Ubisoft and the Electronics Sports World Cup are sponsoring a Just Dance competition this year—the second of its kind. Last year was the first annual competition, with Just Dance being the first “casual” video game to enter the lineup. It’s open to anyone over the age of 16.

First there will be a four-month set of qualification rounds starting July 19 and running until October 29. Eighteen finalists will then go on to the finals in Paris on October 30 and November 1. These qualification rounds will be held at the following locations:

Montreal, Canada – Mondial Des Jeux, July 25
Köln, Germany – Gamescom, August 8
Sao Paulo, Brazil – Brasil Game Show, October 12
Paris, France – Paris Games Week, October 29

Diego San was last year’s winner, and will be returning to defend his title at the Grand Final. He’ll be playing Just Dance 2016, which comes out in October of this year.

Just Dance has sold 54 million copies since its first iteration back in 2009. It’s a motion game where players must mimic the on-screen dancers’ choreography. The first version used the Wii Remote to judge a player’s accuracy; later versions took advantage of various kinds of motion controls (such as Microsoft’s Kinect).

Just Dance World Cup

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