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Def Leppard Pours Some Sugar on Guitar Hero Live

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If you’re interested in seeing the debut of the video for Def Leppard‘s new song, “Dangerous” then you’ll probably want to own Guitar Hero Live. This is a first and possibly good sign that the platic peripheral band games are not as obsolete as they may seem. The video will be part of GHTV the premium Guitar Hero Live channel where players can play along to songs as they air by earning money in the game or shelling out some real cash.

“When the idea to premiere our newest music video for ‘Dangerous’ in Guitar Hero Live came about, we were thrilled,” said Joe Elliott of Def Leppard in an official release. “The way our fans discover and listen to our music has evolved so much throughout the years. Whether they’re playing on vinyl, streaming the songs online or playing along to our music video in Guitar Hero Live, it’s amazing to see how interactive music has become. There are so many interesting ways our fans experience our music, and having the video for ‘Dangerous debut in Guitar Hero Live felt like such a great way to reach all of our fans.”

In case you don’t know, though really I’m not sure how you couldn’t, Def Leppard was one of the many popular hair metal bands that dominated the music scene in the 80s. Along with Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Poison, Def Leppard sold millions of albums and played to packed crowds all over the world. Some of the band’s popular songs include “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” Love Bites,” and “Animal.”

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Guitar Hero Live Introduces New Multiplayer Challenge Mode

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Guitar Hero Live is introducing a new game mode called “Rival Challenges.” It will be a part of Guitar Hero TV, the always-on playlist of songs that players can  jump into at any point. You’ll now be able to challenge your friends in one-on-one song battles through GHTV matchmaking.

The challenges are available at level 10 or higher, and they will be random, like the rest of the GHTV tracks. Jamie Jackson on the Guitar Hero community blog writes that the challenges will pop up “twice in every half-hour show.” In other words, like with the rest of the GHTV mode, you don’t get to pick the song.

Winning a challenge will get you 100 Status XP.

Other changes include the ability to tag a song as a “favorite,” to make filtering songs more streamlined. Three play tokens will also be granted as a daily login bonus. This will let players with no plays left tackle some songs on-demand.

Jackson also teased upcoming Christmas songs in Guitar Hero Live.

So far, Guitar Hero Live has distinguished itself from Rock Band by offering a more guitar-focused, skill-based singleplayer experience. This initial foray into multiplayer was spurred by the Guitar Hero community asking for new ways to play.

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Huge Guitar Hero Live Update Comes With 34 New Tracks

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Did you say you wanted new songs in Guitar Hero Live? Well someone must have, because Activision is dropping 34 new tracks on Wednesday, November 25.

28 of the tracks will be part of Guitar Hero TV’s on-demand tracklist, while the remaining six will be added to GHTV’s Premium Shows. The total tracklist will stand at 300 after the update. Guitar Hero TV mode is an always-on streaming channel of music videos that you can play along to.

Our reviewer Andrew Hayward loved Guitar Hero Live. It incorporates FMV footage of a crowd into your performances, and they react based on your performance. If you wanted a side of stage fright with your fun, Guitar Hero Live is where it’s at. On a serious note (ha!) he found Guitar Hero Live to have a deeply compelling single-player mode.

It’s rated T, which means some songs have audible expletives, sexual innuendo, or drug references.

The song list is below the cut.

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Rock Band 4 vs. Guitar Hero Live: Battle of the Band Games

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The music-game genre used to be all the rage. And Rock Band and Guitar Hero used to be the dueling juggernauts. But when sales sagged, both franchises took some time off. Now they’re back and, thankfully, they’re more different than ever. Got a kid who loves jamming on plastic instruments? Thinking about getting your family band back together? Here’s a look at how Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live compare, with some insight on which might be a better fit for your home. Read More