Earn Oodles of Orbs This Week in Fire Emblem Heroes

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For a free-to-play title, Fire Emblem Heroes has been very generous with its orbs. Orbs are used to randomly summon new heroes and are the primary piece of loot to spend real money on. You can normally earn a limited amount of orbs through completing quests and main story missions.

This week Fire Emblem Heroes added Special Weapon Quests. These quests task you with beating specific training stratums or story missions with only users of certain weapons: sword, lance, and axe. Hopefully you’ve already earned enough orbs and summoned the right heroes to fill out a full team of each. The quests reward you with orbs, shards, and badges. The latter two are used to level up and promote heroes.

The Special Weapon Quests are only available through the weekend, ending Sunday, Feb 27 around midnight.

There are a bunch of other bonuses going on in Fire Emblem Heroes right now. Every day that you log in you earn two free orbs with the App Release Bonus. A special Exp Event awards 1.5 times the normal experience in every battle mode. The Exp Event ends Thursday, Feb 23.

There are also several Launch Celebration maps you can play in the Special Maps category. These maps are on-par with story missions, and reward a whopping three orbs for completing them on Normal and Hard. The third set was recently released, upping the total orbs earned through these maps to 18.

Relying on random draws from the orbs can be frustrating. Having so many opportunities to earn free orbs is a wonderful incentive. Fire Emblem Heroes is easily Nintendo’s best mobile game to date – Read our review.

pokemon go

Pokémon GO Still Not Available in Japan

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The slow, gradual world-wide release of Pokémon GO has been frustrating for many. The insanely popular Pokémon catching app was finally released in the rest of Europe and Canada over the weekend – bringing the servers down for much of Saturday morning (US time). Server disconnects and login problems have plagued the app since its release. But the number of people playing Pokémon GO has only risen as its availability in new countries increases. Read More

Farmville zynga

Zynga Is Adding Playable Ads to Its Games

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Zynga, publisher of a slew of free-to-play Facebook games (like FarmVille), is putting playable advertisements in its games. Players will be able to play ads for companies like Progressive Insurance in order to win in-game cash and other rewards. Basically if you’re playing FarmVille, you might get a Progressive Insurance pop-up mini-game; if you play the mini-game, you’ll be rewarded with some FarmVille crystals. However, not all mini-games will give rewards. It’s unclear at this point whether or not it will be obvious which mini-games offer the rewards.

This probably sounds like a nightmare to parents, and understandably so. While adults may be subtly influenced by advertising over time, kids are a lot more susceptible to it—and a lot more likely to give in to the desire for things like crystals. This is probably a good opportunity to go over some media literacy 101 with  your kids. The good news is it doesn’t seem like these mini-games will offer the opportunity to spend actual money, but they will be hooked up to social media accounts.

Zynga was formed in 2007. The company has a large roster of games. You might want to check if you or your kids are playing any of these, just so you’re aware of the new ad policy: