Chandelure Is Coming to Pokkén Tournament

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Pokkén Tournament is an upcoming game for the Wii U that combines the fighting game Tekken and the kid-friendly Pokémon. In anticipation of the game’s release in July, the developers have been one-by-one announcing new Pokémon that will appear in the game. Earlier this week, we’ve received confirmation that Mewtwo, Braixen, and Garchomp will be added to the roster.

Today we learned that the Ghost/Fire Pokémon Chandelure is joining, too!

Chandelure is a kind of weird choice for a fighting game like Pokkén because it doesn’t use physical attacks. The super weird-but-awesome chandelier-esque creature uses hypnosis to directly attack its opponents spirits. Spooky. It will be interesting to see how Pokkén works this technique into its gameplay.

chandelure pokken

Look into my eyes…you’re getting very sleepy…


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