Well, it was only a matter of time. Pokémon-themed badges have landed in Nintendo Badge Arcade. They’ll only be here until the 23rd, though, so get collecting.

If you’re not familiar yet with Nintendo Badge Arcade, it’s a new free-to-start app for 3DS. Players use a claw machine to collect badges. These badges can then be used to decorate the home screen of the player’s 3DS.

While your first few plays are free, subsequent plays cost money. Five rounds cost $1. So, depending on how much you want these new Pokémon badges for your home screen, you may be shelling out some cash.

Next time you boot up the app, you will be put through an incredibly short personality quiz in which your pink bunny host assigns you with an appropriate Pokémon. (I got Charmander, because I’m passionate about my friends and family.) You don’t get to keep the badge of that Pokémon, though. It’s just the app’s way of getting you a little more familiar with the franchise.

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