Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Review

Available On: Switch To call Dragon Quest Monsters a Pokémon clone is a disservice, as the spinoff creature battler was developed alongside Pokémon, and was inspired by the creature capturing...Read More

Original Dragon Quest Builders launching on PC in February

Square Enix announced a PC release for Dragon Quest Builders. Dragon Quest Builders will launch on Steam on February 13 ($27.99). Dragon Quest Builders originally released in 2016 as a...Read More

Unleash the rage with Tekken 8, out now on PC, PS5, and Xbox

Fighting game fans have been eating really well lately. Bandai Namco has released Tekken 8, the first in the series in five years, and the first mainline entry in almost...Read More

Save on swashbuckling and sneaky adventures with the Pirates vs. Ninjas sale on Steam

Steam is hosting a Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest this week and weekend, reigniting a fun, manufactured rivalry in historical geekdom. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to put some fun...Read More

Hope for the Warriors supporting military veterans and families through D&D live play event

Nonprofit charity organization Hope for the Warriors (HOPE) is hosting their first virtual, interactive fundraiser via a live streaming Dungeons & Dragons game. Hope for the Warriors Dungeons & Dragons...Read More

Demeo developer is crafting an official D&D VR game

Resolution Games (Demeo) has announced a collaboration with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast to produce an officially licensed virtual reality game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. The...Read More

Palworld is Ark Meets Pokémon, and it’s the most popular game on Steam

If you dismissed Palworld as that weird survival-crafting game where Pokémon-like creatures work in factories and wield machine guns, you may be surprised to find it’s suddenly the single most...Read More

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut treks onto Apple devices next week

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions have announced that Death Stranding: Director’s Cut will release on iPhone, iPad, and Macs on January 30. It will be available through universal...Read More

My Time at Sandrock gets first major content update on Switch

PM Studios and Pathea Games have released the first planned content update for My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch. It’s called the Performance Update, though it also sounds like...Read More

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle launching on PC and Xbox this year

During the Xbox Developer_Direct, Bethesda Softworks and developer MachineGames (Wolfenstein) in partnership with Lucasfilm Games, revealed over 13 minutes of gameplay footage for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, along...Read More

Pixelkin’s Most Anticipated Games of 2024

Last year was an incredible year for video games with new entries in some of the biggest franchises around: Zelda, Mario, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy. And none compared to...Read More

Sea of Stars getting physical edition from IAm8Bit

One of the most popular indie games from last year, Sea of Stars, is getting a physical retail edition, and special edition, courtesy of Check out the fancy new...Read More

Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct gives you a pet robot

Blizzard announced the theme of Diablo 4’s third season, Season of the Construct. In Season of the Construct, players will gain a Seneschal Companion with its own unique abilities and...Read More

Lorcana’ latest set lets you build a deck with 99 Dalmatian puppies

It’s the ultimate meme deck: a Disney Lorcana deck consisting of 99 copies of Puppy: Tail Wagger! The new card coming with the third set, Into the Inklands, has a...Read More