TV worse for kids than gaming

Infographic: TV Could Be Worse For Kids Than Gaming

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Final Fantasy

What You Need to Know About American vs. Japanese Games

What are the core differences between Japanese and American games? Since so many are translated into English, we don’t always even recognize the games we play are coming from different...Read More

Don't Make Educational Gaming Into Dessert

Are games our just rewards? Or are they something more? Lucas Gillispie, teacher and founder of his school’s MMORPG club, says we should stop treating classroom gaming as the “fun”...Read More


How a Teacher Used This Video Game To Explain Feminist Theory

It can be difficult to teach one group about the oppression of another, especially in situations when the oppression stems from multiple factors. “Intersectionality” is the feminist theory that when...Read More

Killzone Shadow Fall

New Release: Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the new first-person shooter from the Killzone series, was released today. It is the 4th installment for console and the 6th overall. The game is a PlayStation...Read More


PlayStation 4: What You Need to Know

As you may already know, after many months of mounting excitement in the media, the PlayStation 4 is finally here. It’s hard to keep track of all the stories, features,...Read More

Settlers of Catan

Games Unplugged: 5 Board Games You Should Be Playing

Just as the video game industry is exploding with fantastically creative games every day, so has the board game industry been expanding in new and delightful directions. Board gaming is...Read More

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What to Do When Your Spouse Chooses Gaming Over Dinner

“Lost in Angry Birds Space” writes to advice columnist Captain Awkward to find out what she should do about a husband and father who won’t stop gaming and won’t listen...Read More

How a Mom Bonded With Her College Kid Through Online Gaming

Malinda felt herself growing apart from her son Dillon when he left for college. “It seemed over time our conversations were less meaningful and … we were starting to disconnect....Read More

Signs That Gaming Is Stressing Your Kids Out

Many people say they like gaming because it’s an effective stress-reliever—it’s engaging entertainment that keeps your mind off immediate real-world problems. It’s relaxing and it works as a mood-enhancer for...Read More

10 Life and Career Skills You can Learn From MMORPGs

Lucas Gillispie, high school teacher, shares some of the things he’s learned from MMORPGs. Some of them might surprise you.Read More


What to Watch Out for When Reading This Infographic

When it comes to gaming in the classroom, it seems everyone has an opinion. Education reform is always tricky, and it’s very important that, with our children’s futures at stake,...Read More

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A Gamer's Way To Give

We’ve already featured some of the many examples of gamers making the world a better place. Now there’s a new example from a Seattle company called Game It Forward. Quingo, Game...Read More