Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online—Fairly Progressive Game; Fairly Regressive Community

Last month saw the release of Elder Scrolls Online on the PC and Mac platforms. Release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is set for later this year. Set...Read More


How Long Did It Take You To Play? Log It on Gamelengths!

Ever wondered how long it will take you to finish a game? Yeah, us too. (To be honest, my finish time is usually far longer than everybody else’s—what can I...Read More

Transistor header

New Release: Transistor

From the makers of the much-beloved game Bastion comes Transistor, a new action-RPG with a female protagonist. Transistor takes place in the gorgeously rendered sci-fi city of Cloudbank. Red, a voiceless musician,...Read More

Pigeon app image

8 Great iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

How did people parent before smartphones or mobile tablets? I received my first iPhone when my daughter was about 3 years old, and having that magical little box with us...Read More

Bryan Roth profile

Geocaching's Bryan Roth Explains How Gaming Helps Kids

A few weeks ago, Groundspeak hosted the Pixelkin staff at its super-cool Geocaching HQ in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. We learned all about Geocaching, the amazing game of high-tech treasure hunting,...Read More

Accessibility Jam

What Accessibility Jam is Doing to Help Disabled Gamers and Why It Matters

On May 11th, gamers around the world kicked off Accessibility Jam, a three-week game jam all about accessibility. (If you aren’t sure what a game jam is, check out this...Read More

Walking Dead

Mainstream Media Can Stop Preaching About the Dangers of Games. Parents Aren't Buying It.

The Entertainment Software Association’s 2014 report, “Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry,” already revealed that gaming is a popular activity in most households—and that adult women play more...Read More


Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

May 15 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! GAAD was created a few years ago by Jennison Asuncion and Joe Devon as an annual opportunity for people everywhere to try to see...Read More

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Why Parents Should Study Up on “Realistic” Military Shooters

The past decade has seen the rise of a previously nonexistent genre of video games often referred to as “realistic shooters” or “realistic action.” Before the 2007 release of Call...Read More

Xbox controller gaming

Meeting in the Middle: How To Play With Someone Who Sucks at Video Games

Although my husband Eric and I met while working for a video game company, our experience with video games could not have been more different. Eric had been playing computer...Read More

Marvel Heroes

Web-Sling Your Way Into Gaming

Is your family in the superhero mood after the new release of “Spider-Man 2” or the recent “Captain America: The Winter Soldier?” Marvel Heroes may be a fun way to...Read More

Denpa Men 3

New Release: The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll

Thursday, May 8, marked the release of The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll for Nintendo 3DS. If you’ve never played one of the Denpa Men games, imagine combining Animal Crossing...Read More

Tomodachi Life

Despite Protests, Nintendo Says No Gay Miis in Tomodachi Life

In this special post, Pixelkin contributor Jason de Kanter challenges Nintendo’s decision not to allow same-sex relationships in its new game, Tomodachi Life, and encourages parents to teach kids how...Read More


Games Unplugged: LARPing 101

As a kid, I played games at recess that involved some very weird imaginary scenarios. There was one about a magical rainbow summer camp populated by giant spiders, and another...Read More