The geometric puzzle game Drei is getting a re-release on major platforms this fall. Etter Studio announced that Drei will be coming to PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, Mac, PlayStation Vita, and Android. The iOS version will also be updated.

Sorry, Xbox One, looks like you’re getting left out of this party.

Drei is a cooperative multiplayer game. Players receive shapes and must stack them into a tower. The cool part is that you’re not restricted to playing with people in your region. In Drei, you play with people all over the world. The game supports 19 languages and provides dialogue options as you play. If you say something, it will automatically be translated into your team member’s language.

“We settled on a hand-full of words that we thought would help to communicate with each other while completing the levels together,” said Mario von Rickenback, Drei’s lead developer. “This simple but effective system allows everybody to communicate fastly and intuitively, without having to know each other’s languages.”

Drei Release Puzzle game

We wrote about Drei before, as one of our favorite games from World Cup finalist countries. Etter Studio is based in Switzerland. They included a nearly extinct Swiss language as one of the language options. It’s spoken by only 40,000 people.

Drei will be compatible with cross-platform play, so if you already have it on iOS you won’t be limited to playing with other iOS-users.

Drei Screencap Release Puzzle Game

“Drei is all about connecting people,” said game director Christian Etter. “Once opening the game you will be secretly connected with all other players, in real time and across the globe. In the concept version this was only possible on specific devices. Being truly about uniting everybody we sat down with the people from all popular game platforms and talked to them about letting their players connect with the players from the rival platforms.”

Drei has won several awards, including the Swiss Game Award and the European Design Award. The languages included are Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romanic, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss-German and Turkish.

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