The fifth annual Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) is coming Sunday, August 30 at Melrose Market Studios. SIX isn’t part of PAX, but happens the same weekend just a block up from the big convention—roughly a six-minute walk.

SIX describes itself as “a one-day exhibition for independent game developers to get together, socialize, and show off their stuff. At SIX, you’ll get to spend quality time with some of the friendliest and most down-to-earth devs around. What better way to escape the crowds of PAX than with the coolest of indie games?”

The event is completely free, though you can RSVP via Eventbrite (not required, but it gives them a better headcount). The exact location is Melrose Market Studios, 1532 Minor Ave, Seattle WA, 98101, and the event will be open August 30 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

These are this year’s SIX exhibitors:

  • aglimpse: friends
  • AsterVoid
  • Biodrome
  • Bit Ball
  • Bleat!
  • Charlotte Seeker
  • Commander Kamala
  • Crea
  • Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus
  • Hero Generations
  • Infinite Scuba
  • Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars
  • The Last Shore
  • March of Industry
  • Memory of a Broken Dimension
  • Mod Puzzle Game
  • Polychromatic
  • Potions: A Curious Tale
  • Rocket Fist
  • Soul Locus: Cards of Order
  • Spider: Downloaded
  • SuperWeights
  • A Tofu Tail
  • Trial By Vikings

You can find out more about each exhibitor on SIX’s website.

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