We’re getting the low-down on the Disney Infinity 3.0 Toy Box features today.

The Toy Box is the free-form part of Disney Infinity where players can build using assets from Disney franchises. You can make anything as simple as a landscape or as complicated as your own game. To our relief, all the Power Discs and figures from the first two Disney Infinity games will be compatible with this new release.

Here are the new Toy Box features that will ship with Disney Infinity 3.0 on August 30.

First, we’ve got the Toy Box Hub. This is a space designed to make navigating the endless possibilities of the Toy Box a little easier—something I’ve talked about before.

The Toy Box Hub will be your starting area, and it showcases the styles of gameplay that are possible in Toy Box mode. These “gameplay zones” include traditional styles like racing, platforming, and combat, as well as some Disney Infinity specifics. With INteriors, you decorate your personal Disney Infinity home however you want. And then there’s farming—which is itself a new feature of Disney Infinity 3.0.

Disney Infinity Farming

Farming sounds a bit like Sims-Gone-Disney. You can now plant crops and feed the little townspeople that were previously only good for tossing around in your Toy Box. Feeding the townspeople raises their stats, and they can get rowdy by throwing parties and other shenanigans.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Townspeople

Townspeople can now wear gear.

Townspeople or Sidekicks are a bigger part of the Toy Box than before. You can now get them to farm for you and support you in combat. You can also boost their stats by equipping them with the right gear, and of course, feeding them.

El Capitan Disney Infinity

El Capitan Theater in the Toy Box Hub

New additions to the Toy Box also include famous El Capitan theater. This is where, if you’re connected to the internet, you can download community-made Toy Boxes and watch episodes of Toy Box TV. And then at Flynn’s Arcade you can join other Disney Infinity players in competitive games.

So that’s it for gameplay and locations. Toy Box 3.0 will also feature new tools and toys. The Path Creator makes it easy to create paths that objects can move along. The Music Note Creator  lets players make their own music, and the Toy Dispenser drops toys that you would previously had to unlock through gameplay.

New toys include a few from Frozen: Elsa’s Ice Palace and the monstrous Marshmallow. There are also lots of new vehicles, and players in North America can enjoy a Radio Disney Music Player that will play Radio Disney songs when you’re connected to the internet.

That’s a lot, right? With these additions, it looks like Disney is trying to bring the Toy Box community together into something a little less disparate and add a little more structure to Toy Box play. Previously I found the Toy Box to be a limitless canvas of potential creativity—but one that left me feeling aimless and lonely. Perhaps some of these additions will help keep the Toy Box lively.

You can get Disney Infinity 3.0 with the purchase of a Star Wars Starter Pack on August 30. It will be available for PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox One and 360, Wii U, PC, Android, and iOS.

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