Cyan Worlds has released the remake of Riven, the sequel to famous adventure game Myst, to PC, Mac, and Meta Quest VR ($34.99). It’s available with a 10% launch discount through July 9.

As with the most recent Myst remake, Riven has been completely rebuilt from scratch with a fully 3D world within Unreal Engine 5. The remake features real-time 3D movement and modern controls.

“Real-time movement” isn’t exactly impressive for a modern first-person game, but it is for the Myst series!

The original Riven featured heavily textured and slightly animated screens to create the illusion of a 3D explorable world. At the time, it was magically impressive. Combined with the stellar puzzles and intriguing story, Myst and Riven became best-sellers and household names among PC gamers of the 90s.

“We waited 27 years to revisit Riven… not just because we wanted to make sure the technology could handle it, but because we wanted to make sure WE could handle it,” said Rand Miller, CEO and Co-Founder, Cyan Worlds. “We learned lessons over the course of projects like Obduction, Firmament, and Myst that would allow us to build something that would do Riven justice. Beyond that, we were looking to enhance the world building resonance of the original, with fresh designs to surprise our old fans and immerse a whole new generation of players.”

The Riven remake features all of the original puzzles and mysterious story of the original. The story picks up where Myst left off, with players helping free Atrus’ wife, Catherine, from another island-book-world full of ancient machinery and mystery.

Riven is rated E10+.

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