For the first time, Minecraft fans can experience a real-world, interactive adventure with Minecraft Experience: Villager Rescue. Mojang Studios is bringing the tour around the world, beginning this fall in Dallas, TX on September 20.

Tickets are on sale now, with singles (starting $32) and four-person multipacks (starting $28). Note that prices go up on the weekends!

Minecraft Experience is designed for all ages, and takes about one hour.

The journey will begin with a trip through a blocky forest. In the village, patrons will receive the quest to rescue the villagers with their fellow team. Attendees will venture through different Minecraft biomes, building structures, scavenging items, mining ore, and interacting with classic mobs, including skeletons and creepers.

After completing the adventure, they can celebrate at the Trading Post, and earn a memento.

It all sounds a bit like the True Dungeon interactive experience that pops up at gaming conventions such as PAX and GenCon.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the first-ever immersive touring Minecraft experience where guests can follow a quest through the Minecraft Overworld in real life. Starting in Dallas later this year, players will have their dreams of a Minecraft adventure brought to life,” says Kayleen Walters, Head of Franchise Development, Mojang Studios. “Finding ways for our community to express their love for Minecraft both in-game and out is always top of mind for us.”

Tickets for the Dallas tour are available through December 1. Watch the Minecraft Experience website and social channels for future locations and dates.

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