Ancient Forge and developer Super Sly Fox announced their movie-making sim management game Blockbuster Inc will release on PC (Steam) on June 6. A free prologue demo is available now.

In Blockbuster Inc, players control and entire movie studio in sunny Filmwood, from the placement of large sets, to maintaining staff and production. But you’re also the director, editor, set designer, sound designer, and talent manager!

Create your own movies using hired actors and constructed set pieces, and edit scenes together using the video editor. Manage actors with randomly generated traits. Establish a profitable studio throughout decades of 20th century history, and win big at the annual Filmwood Awards.

Blockbuster Inc is clearly a spiritual successor to The Movies, a commercially underrated sim movie studio game released in 2005 from Lionhead Studios. The Movies also gave players a movie studio to build and run, and featured a scene builder an editor for creating custom movies. The gameplay and catroonish, Sims-esque art style in Blockbuster Inc look directly inspired by The Movies.

The Movies may have been ahead of its time, however, predating Steam (and mod-friendly Steam Workshop) and even YouTube! Blockbuster Inc should take full advantage of online communities and interactions.

Blockbuster Inc will release on PC on June 6.

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