The surprise highlight from the Steam Farming Fest is a $7 indie game called Rusty’s Retirement.

Rusty’s Retirement is designed as an idle game, a popular mobile genre. But it’s built for PC, and takes up only 1/3 of your monitor’s space, allowing you to keep working.

You are still working, right?

As a farming sim, the goal is to create an efficient, self-sustaining farm. Plop down soil patches and purchase crops from the minimalist menu, and Rusty will automatically do the rest.

One old robot needn’t do it all, however. Using spare parts and biofuel, players can purchase drones to help water and harvest crops. Unlock new crops by harvesting plenty of old ones, and purchase buildings and enlist new robot helpers and unlock new features, such as decorations.

The usable space is a horizontal, scrollbar field that takes up only a third of the screen. With Always On Top selected by default, players can monitor and adjust their farm while continuing to work or browse on their PC. Graphical options allow players to swap monitors, zoom in and out, and resize the taskbars and sidebars.

It also features some pretty chill music.

As a recent release, Rusty’s Retirement is 10% off, knocking the price from $6.99 to $6.29 until May 7. Heck of a deal!

But seriously, I cannot play enough of this game, and it’s killing my productivity.

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