Apogee Entertainment and SandCastles Studio announced that co-op platformer Bread & Fred is heading to Nintendo Switch on May 23. It’s also available on PC (Steam, GOG).

Bread & Fred is a 2D, pixelated platformer starring two tiny penguins. On their own these pint-sized penguins aren’t very good climbers, but together, they’re slightly less terrible.

The penguin friends are permanently tied together with a short length of rope, allowing them to clear hurdles and gaps and reach new heights by swinging each other around and briefly clinging to walls. But they can only hold on for so long, and if either penguin falls, the other is dragged along.

The goal is to reach the top of the mountain, but one false steps can send both players tumbling down to earlier sections.

The platformer supports two player shared-screen and online multiplayer. Solo players can tackle the adventure in a special single player mode, which involves a single penguin strapped to a rock named Jeff.

For the elitist of penguin climbers, a speedrun mode challenges players with moving as fast as possible. The Switch version is adding 10 new time trials with Pol the Polar Bear.

“Bread & Fred was created as a collaborative experience, and the Nintendo Switch is a perfect complement for friends and family to play together at home and on the go,” said Scott Miller, Founder, Apogee Entertainment. “With the addition of the timed trials, there’s even more reason to gather friends to create memorable, binding moments.”

In addition to challenging co-op gameplay, Bread & Fred is also known for its music. The soundtrack features a Who’s Who of video game composers such as Grant Kirkhope.

Bread & Fred will swing onto Switch on May 23.

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