Square Enix announced a PC release for Dragon Quest Builders. Dragon Quest Builders will launch on Steam on February 13 ($27.99).

Dragon Quest Builders originally released in 2016 as a PlayStation exclusive. It’s since released on Switch and mobile devices.

The PC release will include the Terra Incognita DLC, which was first added in the mobile version in 2022 (as well as other quality of life features).

Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft-like spin-off of the classic Japanese RPG series, set in the world of the very first Dragon Quest RPG. The player’s job is to rebuild the world and towns block-by-block by gathering resources, upgrading tools, and defeating monsters.

New features (as of the 2022 mobile version) include collectible NPC figures, sharable build card blueprints, and an undo button.

The DLC adds an astronomy set, posable monster figures, and a magic carpet to explore and build from the air.

Dragon Quest Builders spawned a sequel in 2019. Dragon Quest Builders 2 featured a more expandable world, and up to four player co-op multiplayer.

Series newcomers can soon pick up the Dragon Quest Builders + Dragon Quest Builders 2 Bundle, which includes both games with an 11% discount.

Dragon Quest Builders is rated E10+. It’s also available on PlayStation 4, Switch, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

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