PM Studios and Pathea Games have released the first planned content update for My Time at Sandrock on Nintendo Switch. It’s called the Performance Update, though it also sounds like a mini-expansion.

The 1.1.4 patch adds a new area, new side quests, and new gameplay features.

It’s called the Performance Update because it noticeably improves framerate on Nintendo Switch by optimizing asset streaming, including improving pop-in. According to the update, performance has reduced stuttering by 70-80% across all areas.

The new area is the Northern Starship Hazardous Ruins, a challenging area that features valuable resources.

New quests expand socializing and romancing NPCs, with dozens of new romance side quests for 15 different NPCs, and an expanded list of preferences and wishes. Your chosen partner can now help with daily activities, go on special marital side quests, and even have a baby together.

New buildings include the factory and greenhouse, to help keep all your machinery and plants housed in central locations.

My Time at Sandrock is a farming, building, and life sim by the studio that brought us My Time at Portia. Move to a burgeoning town in an optimistic post-apocalyptic Earth as you explore the world, harvest resources, make friends, create a farm, and expand the town.

To celebrate the big update, My Time at Sandrock is currently 20% off on Nintendo Switch ($31.99) until January 31st. It’s also available on Steam PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.


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