Thunderful Publishing and developer The Station have released city builder SteamWorld Build on PC, PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox ($29.99). It’s currently available at a special 10% off launch discount.

SteamWorld Build combines classic city building and management with underground mining and base defense a la Dungeon Keeper and Dungeons.

As the leader of a SteamWorld town, you’ll care for your robot citizens by building homes, entertainment venues, and shopping districts. By venturing below ground  you will find resources and ancient tech needed to take the town to the next level. The ultimate goal, as in SteamWorld Dig, is to find a way escape the doomed planet.

SteamWorld Build promises to be a welcome point to newcomers of the genre, as well as designed simultaneously for both PC controls and console controllers.

The SteamWorld series have all starred colorful, humanoid robots in varying genres, including 2D metroidvania, turn-based tactical strategy, and card battler-RPG.

SteamWorld Build is the first SteamWorld game to not be developed by series creator Thunderful directly, though The Station (of Little Big Planet fame) is owned by Thunderful Publishing.

“We always placed a lot of pressure on ourselves when it came to meeting the high standards the series has set and making sure we get that all-important SteamWorld-feel right when it comes to SteamWorld Build,” said Adam Vassee, producer, The Station. “Seeing the reception that game has been getting is really humbling in terms of showing that we delivered on that and I’m so happy that players can have fun building now that the game is finally out!”

SteamWorld Build is rated E10+.

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