Embark Studios is hosting an open beta for team-based arena shooter, The Finals, on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. The open beta is running now through November 5th.

The Finals is a first-person shooter set in a virtual game show arena. The base mode is Cashout, where teams of three players each compete to open vaults and bring the cashbox to a designated location. Everything earns cash, from kills, assists, and revives, to turning in the cashbox.

Players can choose between three different base class types, and customize loadouts with different weapons and equipment.

The virtual arena is highly destructible and moddable, allowing entire buildings to get destroyed, while creating temporary cover and shelters using various equipment.

Due to the volume of participants, Embark Studios has had to create a login queue while expanding server capacity. On Steam (which has public numbers), the number of concurrent players for the open beta playtest has reached over 220,000, which is nearing the likes of Apex Legends and PUBG.

The open beta also features a free battle pass with rewards that carry over to the game’s launch. The Finals does not have a release date, but will be a live service, free-to-play game supported by seasonal battle passes.

The Finals is rated T for Teen.

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