Raw Fury and indie developer Bytten Studio have released Cassette Beasts, a Pokémon-like RPG, on PC (Steam) and Microsoft Game Pass ($19.99). It’s also launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox on May 25.

Cassette Beasts takes place on the remote, open world island of New Wirral, where people transform their cassette tapes into powerful creatures. Naturally, they battle one another.

The gameplay is inspired by classic top-down Pokémon games, with a Shen Megami Tensei twist: the titular beasts can be fused together.

Monster fusions are limitless, creating thousands of combinations from the original roster of 120. Monster fusions can share elemental types, stats, and move sets.

Fusions work like a temporary powerup in battle, and the new forms are fully animated. Fusion Power, the most powerful attack, can only be used by maximizing your friendship with companions.

Cassette Beasts also supports up to two player local co-op, and a flexible modding system on PC.

Cassette Beasts is available now on PC, and currently enjoying a user rating of Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam. It’s arriving on Switch and Xbox on May 25.

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