Universal Games, and 10:10 Games, in collaboration with Funko, LLC, announced Funko Fusion, a new action-adventure game starring the popular big-headed Funko dolls.

The first teaser trailer (above) shows off Funko’s primary draw: the wide variety of licensed figures! We spotted Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Mummy, The Umbrella Academy, He-Man, and John Carpenter’s The Thing, just to name a few.

Thematically and stylistically, Funko Fusion looks inspired by the many Lego games that came before it. That makes sense, as new studio 10:10 Games was formed by former members of TT Games, makers of many of the licensed Lego video games.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to show everyone what the team here at 10:10 Games has been up to,” says Arthur Parsons, director and co-founder, 10:10 Games. “Harnessing the incredible properties we’ve been entrusted with by our partners at Universal Games and Digital Platforms, bringing them together into a gaming experience that is incredibly fun, surprising, authentic, and celebrates fandom like never before, all experienced through a Funko lens.”

Funko Fusions will include dozens of playable characters and worlds from within the NBCUniversal umbrella. It’s also aiming for a slightly more mature audience than Lego, given the creepy horror of The Thing!

The game will include local and online multiplayer (including split screen) with up to four player co-op.

Funko Fusion is coming to PC and consoles in 2024. Specific release dates and platforms have not yet been announced.

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