Capcom has released the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, including 10 games, on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Switch ($59.99). In addition to the full bundle, the games can be purchased separately in Volumes 1 and 2, for $39.99 each.

Mega Man Battle Network began as a spinoff series in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. New protagonist Lan Hikari jacks into the Net as MegaMan.EXE in order to fight cybercrime. Kind of like TRON, but way cooler.

Unlike its hardcore 2D platforming progenitor, Battle Network is a real-time tactical RPG. Battles take place on a 6×3 grid, use a card game system to deploy abilities.

The spinoff series was a success, spawning five sequels in as many years.

Beginning with Mega Man Battle Network 3, each game released in two versions, akin to Pokémon. Thus while there are technically 10 games in the series, there are really only six main games.

The Legacy Collection features online multiplayer support, including Casual Battles, Private Battles, and Ranked Matches. Players can also trade Battle Chips and MegaMan.EXE styles.

The collection also features an art gallery, a music player, interactive launcher screen, and optional high resolution filter.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is available now. It’s rated E10+ with Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, and Use of Alcohol or Tobacco.

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