During this week’s PlayStation State of Play stream, Capcom revealed the final three characters coming in the launch edition of Street Fighter 6: veterans Cammy and Zangief, and new fighter Lily.

British agent Cammy was first introduced in Street Fighter 2, and had a prominent role in the original live-action film. In Street Fighter 6, Cammy’s heavy versions of her hard-hitting attacks have been further enhanced, allowing her to delay them for even bigger damage.

One of the oldest characters in the series, Russian wrestler Zangief returns in Street Fighter 6, sporting actual pro wrestling moves.

Lily is a newcomer to the series. She hails from the same Thunderfoot tribe as T. Hawk. She’s small but wields a pair of large clubs, and channels the powers of nature to defeat her opponents.

Each fighter also receives a signature stage, such as Cammy’s foggy London King Street.

The last three fighters bring the launch roster up to 18, which includes six all new characters to the already-bursting franchise. Returning favorites include Ken, Ryu, Blanka, Guile, and Chun-Li.

Street Fighter 5 released in 2016 with 16 characters at launch. Capcom heavily supported the game through updates and DLC, eventually bringing the astonishing roster up to 46 characters!

Street Fighter 6 will release on June 2 on PC (Steam), PlayStation, and Xbox.

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