Swedish publisher Thunderful and developer The Station revealed the latest game in the SteamWorld series. SteamWorld Build is a multi-level city builder coming to PC and consoles later this year.

SteamWorld Build uses typical city management gameplay as you build structures and keep your robotic citizens safe, happy, and entertained. The twist is adding a below ground element, as workers dig through dirt to discover resources and construct mining operations.

The game has been built with both PC and consoles in mind, and will include three difficulty levels.

“Having the opportunity to work on an award-winning franchise that’s loved by fans was a real honor for us,” said Adam Vassee, producer, The Station. “We’ve put a lot of effort into making sure the game retains the charming character of previous entries, but we’re also lucky in that the SteamWorld series is all about trying new things. That’s been liberating in allowing us to put our own twist on SteamWorld and the city builder genre to craft an intuitive Anno meets Dungeon Keeper style system that we think is unlike anything else out there.”

The SteamWorld series has been around for over a decade, with nearly each game being a completely different genre! The previous game in the series, SteamWorld Quest, was an excellent card battler that released in 2019. SteamWorld Build follows the trend with another new genre, yet still within the cutesy western-robot world.

SteamWorld Build will release later this year on PC (Steam), PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox. A demo is available now on Steam.

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