Zoo simulator Planet Zoo turns three years old this week. To celebrate, Frontier Developments is adding the Red Deer in the free update 1.11.2.

The populous Red Deer is found throughout Europe and Northern Africa, and can now be added to your parks. The anniversary update also adds animal balloons that guests can purchase. Four animal balloons will be available: tiger, giraffe, chimpanzee, and red panda.

The balloons and the Deer are permanent new additions to Planet Zoo.

This weekend, Planet Zoo is hosting a special community challenge. During this event, you’ll receive a boosted animal that has 80%+ in a gene for every five animals you successfully release. For every 20 animals released, you can earn a special avatar outfit.

Frontier is also celebrating the milestone with merchandise you can purchase in the Planet Zoo store, including hoodies, shirts, mugs, and posters. And if you’re a fan of the in-game music, you can find a selection of 12 tracks in an official Spotify playlist.

Planet Zoo is available on Steam, and is disappointingly not on sale right now. To date, Frontier has released nearly a dozen animal DLC packs since launch. Planet Zoo is rated E10+.

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