Fans of Overcooked take note! TinyBuild and indie developer FluckyMachine have released their zany co-op adventure Trash Sailors on PlayStation and Switch.

In a post-apocalyptical world flooded by the great trash tsunami, only a band of ragtag survivors can cobble a raft and stay alive. In Trash Sailors, up to four players will journey down a dangerous, watery road filled with toxic sharks, evil pirates, and industrial hazards.

By collecting trash, the survivors can upgrade their raft with better pieces, protection, and weaponry. As in Overcooked, players will run around in real-time in a tiny area, responding to various challenges. Like Overcooked, it probably involves lots of yelling at your friends.

Trash Sailors features hand-drawn art. Up to four players can join together online or via couch co-op.

Trash Sailors is now available on PlayStation 4 and Switch. It’s also available on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). It’s rated E10+ for Fantasy Violence.

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