Indie developer Glumberland announced that Ooblets will leave early access and fully launch on September 1 on PC (Epic Games Store), Switch, and Xbox.

Ooblets is party creature-collecting RPG and part farm sim adventure.Β  The customizable player is a new arriveal in the town of Oob, where they set up a new farm. They can purchase seeds, grow crops, and befriend townsfolk. The standard Animal Crossing-like farm sim.

Oob is also home to the titular little Ooblet creatures. Ooblets are grown from plants. They can take care of mundane tasks like watering plants, or they can follow the player around as part of an RPG party.

Instead of normal combat battles, Ooblets features card-based dance battles. Depending on the Ooblets, players play cards and try to score more points than the opponent.

Ooblets has been in Early Access on PC and Xbox since 2020, and has since added new quests, new Ooblets, and more regions to explore.

Pre-orders for Switch are available with a 30% discount. Physical versions are also available through Fangamer. Ooblets is rated E for Everyone.

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