Freedom Games and developer TRAGsoft have released Coromon on Nintendo Switch, for $19.99.

Coromon is a monster battling RPG that doesn’t shy away from its obvious Pokémon roots. The pixelated adventure is clearly inspired by 2000s era Pokémon games, including walking in tall grass for random encounters, and hurling discs at weakened Coromon to capture them.

At least in Coromon you’re not trying to catch ’em all, or defeat gym leaders. Instead you’re part of a research group looking into massive titan creatures across the world.

Over 100 Coromon appear in seven different elemental types. The turn-based battle system is very Pokémon, but also uses a more strategic stamina system. Difficulty levels are also available, including harder options such as a randomizer and Nuzlocke mode (forced to only take the first monster in an area).

Coromon is also available on PC, and features cross-save with the Switch version.

“The creature-catching genre has always been a perfect fit for portable gaming consoles,” said Jochem Pouwels, Founder, TRAGsoft. “We remained true to the heart of the games before us and continue to deliver on the promises we made to trainers by taking their journey anywhere in their real-world adventures. Whether Switch players are continuing their PC story via Cross-Save or starting with a brand-new team, we are proud to deliver the game Nintendo fans have been asking for for years!”

Coromon features a slightly more mature story than the average Pokémon game. It’s rated E10+ with Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, and Mild Blood.

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